How to Style this Nasty Woman Shirt

So you have this great black shirt in your closet and you don't know how to wear it. Have no fear! We're gonna tell you how to style this Nasty Woman shirt!

You currently have less than 24 hours 7 days to purchase your Nasty Woman t-shirt from Samantha Bee before the campaign ends. And remember, 100% of the net proceeds go to the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Group Los Angeles County (can’t afford a shirt? volunteer in LA here, throughout the country here.)

So the real question is how would you style this shirt? You may still be in the minimalism phase and fear logos or words on your shirts, but fear not. French collective, Vetements made this ok. And this shirt is WAY cheaper than any Vetements nonsense.  Since we believe in ethical companies, we picked some new duds from Everlane, Alternative Apparel, and Smart Glamour, to help you style your new t, plus bonus pins and patches from Gimme Flair. So whether you’re eating brunch or planning a protest, we’ve got you covered.


  1. A Black Pencil Skirt + Black Loafers

They think you’re a bad ass in a leather skirt, you’ll show ’em you mean business in your loafers.




2. High Waisted Pants + Boots + Cardigan

This is how to go high, when you’re in a back room making plans to go low.


3. Pant. Suit.

Yeah. This blazer is for men. So what.  Combine the skinny pants from #2 with the loafers from #1 and this blazer.


BONUS! Add flair and personality to this all black wardrobe. Shop Gimme Flair’s sale and they will donate 100% of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter. 

Here’s a few of our favorites –

Gimme Flair

Gimme Flair

Lindsey Barrow