IKEA To My Heart

IKEA is the home of the thrifty interior designer and I am not immune to the cost effective allure. So, after a recent trip through the expansive marketplace that feels like I could just curl up and live inside the store, I started to wonder more about this mega-design-behemoth.

And guess what I found? They wanted to build an entire IKEA town! No, not in one of their stores, though that doesn’t feel out of the question #amiright?

In London. In 2012. Post-Olympics.

I was so freakin’ intrigued but I couldn’t find anything about the proposed town post 2013. I Google mappedĀ it but the satellite photos are from 2014 and they don’t look good. EvenĀ their website wouldn’t load. I waited patiently on three different browsers. No. Luck.

So what is going on? Did it fail? How, when those Lack side tables are only $7.99!

Bring all this up at brunch and if you find out what happened, let us know! I mean, can you imagine that episode of House Hunters??

UPDATE: Ikea UK doesn’t know!


Steph Garcia