LMK if you proposed a hearbeat bill disguised as a bill to protect kids from child abuse, but you are a known wife abuser. Oh, it's just Kris Jordan? Weird.

Kris Jordan and the state of Ohio for secretly passing a bill we all now know as the “heartbeat bill” – fuck ya’ll. Tagged at the bottom of another bill, HB 493, which is supposed to protect children against abuse and neglect, the bill was sponsored by a big group of assholes.  But the biggest asshole of them all was State Senator, and known spousal abuser, Kris Jordan. Ughh. Why can’t all Senators be like this one?

Found this pic of Kris Jordan on his government site. Seems kinda inappropriate.

Yes, Kris Jordan, notorious wife-abuser cares about abuse against children. Sorry if this is harsh. Nope. Actually not sorry if it’s harsh. Sorry if it’s triggering.

Mrs. Jordan, Kris’s wife (btw this is a super-douche way to spell Chris) called the police after an incident on July 11th, 2011 in which Kris Jordan became violent, pushing her around and throwing things. “This is not new,” Mrs. Jordan, 31, said. “He’s done this numerous times, and I just got sick of it and I just had to call.”

Don’t worry, this dude responded in a totally reasonable way to the deputy by saying “She got a little upset…Girl’s do that.”




Because when a grown ass woman gets upset, CARS GET DESTROYED. And baby, none of us is girls, we grown ass women. And when you can’t see the irony in introducing a bill that is SUPPOSED to be about protecting children from abusers, while being a man who is an alleged spousal abuser, all while taking more rights away from women, then you probs think Kris is a good way to spell a name.

And, unfortunately, if ya’ll think Kasich is really going to veto this bill…. you apparently don’t know that Kasich tried to pass a similar law in 2013. In Kasich’s law, “doctors who do not test for a fetal heartbeat must be subject to criminal penalties“. Cool. Cool. Cool.

While Ohio has a long history of trying to chip away at abortion rights, and this is an obvious ploy to try and get Roe V. Wade overturned in the Supreme Court with a Trump appointed justice, there is good news. In every other state where one of these types of heartbeat bills have been introduced, the bill was either struck down in committee or ruled unconstitutional. Weird that these bills were all killed off. Guess they couldn’t find a heartbeat on em.

Here are other sponsors of the heartbeat bill: Please feel free to send them messages. They need to be read.

Representative Barbara R. Sears, Representative Scott RyanRep. Rick Perales, Rep. Nan A. Baker, Rep. Tim W. Brown, Rep. Sarah LaTourette, Rep. Nathan H. Manning, Rep. Jeff McClain, Rep. Jeffery S. Rezabek, Rep. Michael Sheehy, Rep. Marilyn Slaby, Sen. Kevin Bacon, Sen. Keith Faber, Sen. Cliff Hite, Sen. Jay Hottinger, Sen. Shannon Jones, Sen. Kris Jordan, Sen. Joe Uecker



Lindsey Barrow