WOTD: Mariah Carey

Happy 2017! Let’s start it off right by berating singer Mariah Carey!!

Wait a second.

It looks like we, as a society, quickly broke our New Year’s resolution to stop criticizing women and instead lift them up! Oh, not everyone made that resolution. GOT IT.

It’s pretty clear…

When I woke up on 2017, I scrolled through my social media feed while trying to size up my hangover (didn’t have one, thanks 2017). And of course a lot of my friends had posted the clip of Mariah’s performance.

I’ll admit, I propped my pillows up and got ready. Sadly, I wanted it to be real good.

As I watched, I was bored. Found myself wondering why everyone was so into this. It’s pretty clear that there were sound issues. And she was a professional and she vamped! She didn’t do a weird jig and run off stage… She stayed and she did her best to control the situation.

And you know what? Not only were there technical difficulties, Carey braved all of that, while on arguably one of the world’s biggest stages… in a nude, sequined leotard.


That was all I could keep thinking about. No matter what happened, Mariah was professional AF on New Year’s Eve, unlike some other people.

3 Times Mariah was Everything

I won’t lie to you, I loved Mariah for a long time. Chances are you did too, so just to remind you what a powerhouse she is, here is a small trip down Mariah lane:

1. Someday

I was so excited to walk into Sam Goody and buy this tape single. I listened to her debut single so many times and the video – a childhood love story – could. not. get. enough.

2. Her ex’s tattoo…

Oh boy! We all remember her marriage to Nick Cannon. I remember the tattoo on his back, that simply said “Mariah” more… It was a huge tattoo! But he loved her so much and really believed that they were forever, bless. I’ll tell you this, his tattoo now, to cover up the Mariah, is way, way, way bigger…

3. Cribs

Girl got into the tub.

Rebecca Edwards