Fuck This, It’s Only Wednesday…

Oh hi, it’s me, your friendly Wednesday Hot Goss contributor. I have to tell you, this week has got me crazy. There are too many things that I want to write about. I want you all to have a laugh about how Kendall Jenner is a big dummy and that Pepsi is disgusting. I wanted to share all of that with you. But there is some crazy shit happening all over the world. So let’s talk about that, and I’ll add some GIFs to make it a little less painful. Deal? Deal.

Syria, you’re killing…. FUCKING LITTLE KIDS, YA DICK.

What the fuck. For real what the fuck. I’m not going to say that Assad has a small dick or mother issues, or he’s just completely fucking derranged, because I don’t have any facts on those things.

But I don’t know how to justify straight up gassing the people of your country while they sleep.

How did this even happen?  Who let this maniac have access to sarin gas? Oh, it was Russia… okay, cool, checks out.

I am at a loss on how to spin this shit… so here’s a GIF of Jackee that accurately sums up my feelings.


Trump and O’Reilly – Hate Women.

It was reported this week that, Fox News Dickhead, Bill O’Reilly, settled sexual harassment suits with five different women, to the tune of $13 million dollars. And Trump, defended him… 

“I don’t think Bill did anything wrong”

Yeah, I know this is the lest surprising thing, ever. It’s like Barry Manilow coming out of the closet… which he did. (I told you, this week is CRAZY)

Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie, Sold One Ticket.

Susan Rice, Yassssssss!

The current White House administration has its big old tighty whities in a real bunch. According to them, former Obama national security advisor, Susan Rice, committed a crime when she asked that the names of people on Trump’s transition team be “unmasked.”

FYI, this isn’t a crime… maybe, just maybe, the White House doesn’t like that Susan Rice is a woman… a black woman. Hmmmm….

North Korea is Really Going For It.

North Korea is pushing all kinds of buttons. They fired a missile on Tuesday. Happened just before Trump and China are meeting to discuss how best to contain that mother fucker in North Korea.

Plus, North Korean hackers have hacked into banks in 18 different countries. These dudes love pushing buttons.

Kendall Jenner, Use Your Head.

Kendall, you had to know that this Pepsi commercial was, probably, the worst thing you could do. Right?

Also, Pepsi is trash. When a waiter says they have Pepsi, literally everyone says “Oh, I’ll just have water then.”

Look, I found this GIF of me accidentally drinking Pepsi 

So that’s this week, and its only Wednesday…

Here’s one last GIF, to make up for that last one…

Rebecca Edwards