Tampon Tax Be Damned!

As you dedicated readers know, The Hot Goss supports all things menstruation. So of course we’re excited that Florida has become the most recent state to do away with the tampon tax! You heard me right,


2017 was all “Listen, I know it’s been a shitstorm of crazy, so I’m gonna do something in a state no one will expect. Mmm-hmm. Florida.”

What’s this tampon tax?

The tampon tax refers to the tax on products that women, and other persons who menstruate, use to take care of the bodily function that happens to a large swath of the population: PERIODS. In states with a sales tax, period products are not seen as “necessities.” Since these products can be used as frequently as MONTHLY, the cost adds up.

Now, would we love for these products to be completely covered? Absolutely. But this removal of the tampon tax is still a win toward acknowledging how pricey it can be to manage something that some people still feel “icky” talking about. PERIODS.

How does removing the tax help?

The cost of tampons, pads, diva cups, etc. makes a big impact to lower income households and, at times, can result in young girls missing school. Removing the tax takes some of the burden off purchasing the items that they need. It also goes towards saying “hey, we’re going to stop taxing something that you can’t just ‘hold in,’ because you can’t. I can guarantee you, we’ve all tried.”

Again, though, we would love for these products to be completely covered but we applaud this tax removal!

Florida is joining 13 other states and the District of Columbia in taking steps forward to eliminate the tax upon feminine hygiene items and help bridge a bit of gender inequality. The removal will go into effect in January.


Steph Garcia