Hey everyone! It’s 2018! Yay!

That means we can turn over a new leaf, say goodbye to 2017. All things fresh and new.

Like no more Twitter outbursts – nope nevermind.

No more blatant lies – nope.

Reconciliation with enemies – kind of? But also probably not.

Well…at least recreational weed is legal now in California! Wait, there are only two shops in LA?!?

Look. We’re only two days in so there’s plenty of time to blossom. Let’s all strive to do better, be stronger, be kinder, and block hate speech in our life. Most of us felt like 2017 was a dumpster fire of a year so let’s put out the fire and repurpose the dumpster as sustainable housing or as an organic cafe or…as a dumpster not on fire.

One way to help both you and us (mostly us) to start off this new year right is to donate to our Peabody submission. We’re nominating ourselves for all our hard-hitting reporting because no big news face news people are going to nominate such massive competition. We’d love your help. Help us help you.

And cheers to 2018!

Steph Garcia