WOTD: Alicia Garza Maker of a Movement

Alicia Garza is one inspirational bad ass. A leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, she simply states why this cause is important for ALL lives.

You may not know our WOTD’s name, but you for sure know her by her movement – #BlackLivesMatter.  Alicia Garza is one of three founders, all women, of BLM. Something that started from her Facebook post “Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter, Black Lives Matter.”

Garza is a queer woman, of African-American and Mexican-American descent, married to a trans bi-racial woman. Her understanding of most major social issues is personal and deep. She’s noted turning a trending hashtag into an actual result’s driven social justice movement has been difficult, but the success the group can’t be overlooked.

And if you’re still thinking blue lives matter, or all lives matter (major eye roll), I’ll let Alicia Garza’s own words convince you otherwise:

#BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean your life isn’t important–it means that Black lives, which are seen as without value within White supremacy, are important to your liberation. Given the disproportionate impact state violence has on Black lives, we understand that when Black people in this country get free, the benefits will be wide reaching and transformative for society as a whole.   When we are able to end hyper-criminalization and sexualization of Black people and end the poverty, control, and surveillance of Black people, every single person in this world has a better shot at getting and staying free.  When Black people get free, everybody gets free.  This is why we call on Black people and our allies to take up the call that Black lives matter. We’re not saying Black lives are more important than other lives, or that other lives are not criminalized and oppressed in various ways.  We remain in active solidarity with all oppressed people who are fighting for their liberation and we know that our destinies are intertwined.

Lindsey Barrow