These are the Days of Our Presidency

As we inch closer to the Trump administration, the transition is playing out like a Days of our Lives episode, “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our presidency.”

And I am into it.

Who’s the Father?

A very basic soap opera plot is the good old “who’s the father” storyline. And the Trump administration is no different.

Jason Miller, a spokesperson for Trump, who’s been making the rounds on the news shows when Kelly Ann Conway is busy, was poised to become The White House Communications Director. Though, suddenly he resigned.

A.J. Delgado, a Trump advisor, wrote some interesting tweets, that were of course quickly deleted. What Delgado didn’t count on, is that people watching this soap opera, remember every detail.

Here’s what happened:

Now, Miller’s wife is expecting a child, great right? Yes.

So, why make the tweet passive aggressive? Could it have something to do with, Delgado herself being pregnant??

Later, she called Miller “the John Edwards of 2016.” And, no she didn’t mean my dad or brother. She’s talking about good old former Senator John Edwards, who’s real claim to fame was the affair he had during his presidential campaign, impregnated said mistress… all while his wife, Elizabeth, was battling cancer.

Yeah, A.J. Delgado is not leaving much to the imagination here. She also went as far as to tweet that Miller resign. Dude hasn’t even moved into his office yet, but someone is already calling him out on his creepy ass behavior.

Again, I’M INTO IT.

If you’re reading between the lines here, A.J. is basically saying “Jason Miller is the father of my unborn child. #sorrynotsorry #Tump2016 #makemybabygreatagain”

Of course someone got to Delgado and told her to take down the tweets. Even with the tweets deleted, Jason Miller did resign.

His reason, well he wants to spend more time with his family. Of course.

If that is true, why even take a job in politics? I’m serious, I’ve watched The West Wing plenty of times to know that if you have a career in politics, you have no other life. So personally, I am having a very hard time believing that line.

But again, any good soap opera has a scorned woman.

You guys, she didn’t stop at the tweets. Delgado went on to email top Trump staffers, telling them all the dirty details about her alleged affair with Miller. But, those staffers had known about it for months.

The Trump administration needs to learn now that things never stay burried. Secrets always come to light. Baby daddies always have to pay the consequences.

Soap Operas Last a Long Time…

We have to keep tuning into this shitshow, because when we call these people out, we will keep poking holes into the Trump Presidency.

If we are lucky, there’s a good twin being hidden somewhere, possibly in the basement of Trump Tower, and most they likely have better hair. Then the evil twin plot will be exposed….to be continued!


Rebecca Edwards