I’m Dreaming of a New Planet

NASA did it y’all! They found new Earth-like planets, so pack your bags. Since this historic announcement, I have been planning what my dream planet would be like. First of all, I call the planet with the best climate.

Welcome to planet Y’all!

I named my planet Y’all, because I was trying to use a word that I love and use often, but planet Fuck Off seemed harsh and unwelcoming. At planet Y’all, all y’all are welcome. All races, religions, genders and sexual orientations. The one thing that will not stand at Y’all, are dicks. So let’s just say that the current White House administration is not invited.

Speaking of government, planet Y’all is run by women. In fact everything is run by women. Straight white dudes, you are more than welcome, however you’ve had your time in the sun. And since Y’all doesn’t revolve around the sun, we are going to try a little something different. In fact, Run the World, is our anthem.

Housing is affordable and cute. WiFi is free and everywhere, same with cellular service. Chances are we will create something better than all that, but this is just to start. Hybrid cars only.

Education is a huge focus on planet Y’all. We understand that education is vital for the survival of our planet. The education system is run by a committee of our finest minds, who have devoted their lives to education. I know, it’s a fairly crazy and extreme idea, but just stay with me here.

Our first policies will center around the environment, because we all fucking left a planet behind, because we fucked it up so much. Y’all has little to no plastic, the air is clean and will stay that way. Oh, and the oceans, do not fuck with our oceans. They are clean and they will stay that way.

Oh and we don’t have gendered bathrooms. Bathrooms are all just bathrooms, cause we all just need to pee and take a dump.

Y’all, I know

I know I have overlooked a lot of issues. But when we are all together on Y’all, we will be able to build a better society.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Barack Obama is the supreme ruler, and RBG never dies.

See y’all there!!!!

Rebecca Edwards