Naps Could Save the World

Sleeping is in my top 3 of favorite things to do, following eating pizza and drinking wine. For me, there isn’t anything else like a good nap. Unplugging for a bit, and taking a snooze.

In fact, I took a nap before I wrote this piece.

Sleep is like hitting a reset button. It helps your memory, your attention span, it lowers stress and it just feels right. Who wouldn’t want to sleep!?!?

So imagine my shock when I learned that, Resident Crazy Person, excuse me, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, wakes up the people at FIVE IN THE MORNING, everyday.

How does he do it? Glad you asked, he plays a song “Where are You, Dear General” over loud speakers…


Y’all need a nap!

My theory here is that both, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump just need to take a fucking nap.

Donald is constantly up, around 3-4am, throwing a temper tantrum on twitter. And go old Kim is waking up an entire God damn city, you know cause it’s fun.

Instead, maybe they should just take a nappy. Find a dark room, with a nice bed, and some really soft blankets – Just. Get. Cozy. and doze off for a few… oh, I don’t know… years, maybe?

I truly believe that a good solid nap could save us all. If these two dudes would just take a nap, we might all survive 2017, without dropping any nukes!

Rebecca Edwards