New York, New York

Today, let’s take a break from possible impending doom and focus on some cool shit going on in New York. Cause if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! (I’ll probs trademark that). Add all this stuff to your songs about the city, musicians et al.

Free College

As NPR points out, it’s complicated but New York has brought out the discussion for free college education. Yes. FREE COLLEGE! It’s not like other countries already offer this – oh wait! THEY DO. College debt is crazy and affects not only the rest of that student’s life BUT the overall economy. In 2015, for instance, the Federal Reserve found higher student loans led to fewer home owners. Plus, when you’re paying off one thing, you usually spend less on everything else. Or at least you should. It’s the economy, stupid college grad. So help a grad out!

Covering Breast Milk Donation

Thankfully modern medicine has come along to give some help to our preemie babes. But that doesn’t mean our economy and healthcare system has kept up. New York has now joined a few other states in covering the cost that recipients of breast milk, preemie parents, would normally incur. Studies have shown that breast milk helps decrease an intestinal disease that can be fatal in preemies. Babies are literally our future. Also, shout out to these gals.

Salary History is History

New York City passed a bill that bans employers from asking prospective employees about past salaries. So, like, that thing about being paid less than men won’t follow you from job-to-job. Negotiate for the salary, and the raise, that you deserve! And now, that’s easier in NYC!

Girl Scouts

Troop 6000 in New York City is the first troop to be made up of homeless girls. “Research has shown that Girl Scout alumnae have a stronger sense of self, achieve higher levels of education, and are more likely to reach a higher socio-economic status.” says the Girl Scouts of Greater New York website. Kudos to everyone in this troop working hard, gaining self-confidence, and building a community they’re proud to be a member of. Brownie points! (#sorrynotsorry)

If this doesn’t make you feel better about the other awful stuff going on then may I also remind you that the unicorn frappuccino has stopped being sold. SMH.


Steph Garcia