Mike Huckabee Teaches Us How to be Funny on Twitter!

It’s me, Mike Huckabee. I'm here at The Hot Goss to teach ya'll the number one easiest trick to being funny on twitter. Being a comedian isn't hard at all!


How I Got Started

So after I ran for President and didn’t get the old nomination, I was pretty down. I know, I know, you don’t like to think of The Huck as being sad, but I was. But when I’m down, I turn to some of my favorite comedies like Beethoven and Beethoven’s 2nd to cheer me up. It’s then that I realized, Huck – making people laugh is easy. Why don’t you build up your twitter with some jokes and after this political thing is done, Hollywood will for sure come a knockin’.

Until that happens, I’ll just be throwing out some funny tweets and trying out new material at the Laugh Shack once a week. So I’d thought I’d give you ladies a little “sneak peak” into the next twitter season of Mike Huckabee with my secret side twitter handle @MikeYuckabee (Please Follow I Follow Back)


The Trick to Being Funny on Twitter is to Write Twitter Jokes!



Thanks kids! And Don’t forget to follow @MikeYuckabee on twitter (I FOLLOW BACK)

Lindsey Barrow