Parenting Tips with KellyAnn Conway

I’m back with more parenting tips from me, parent extraordinaire, Kellyann Conway! Today I thought I would address friendships. When your children go out into the world and meet others from all sorts of places like Russia and The Philipinnes, it's important to impart on them that the friends they surround themselves with can greatly influence how they are perceived.

Hey folks! On the precipice of what is looking like being a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend, where nothing crazy will probably happen since everything the past couple weeks has been smooth sailing. Anyone that says otherwise is wrong. Or leaking. Are you leaking?

Anywho, Memorial Day means time with families and so I thought it might be helpful to answer a few new questions from our readers!

During picture day at my son’s school, he shoved another kid so he could get at the front of the class photo. He even fluffed his shirt after like he was proud he did it. How can I make him respect others’ personal space more? These are kids I want him to grow and work alongside with.

Are you sure it was a “shove”? Maybe it was a gentle “hand on arm to move aside with gusto” movement. Besides, he should be in the front. He’s your kid. He represents you and your whole family. You would want to be in the front, right? I’m sure no one noticed the shove but everyone noticed how he was in front. Be proud! This doesn’t seem like a problem to me.

My kid keeps saying he won’t eat the cake I made because it’s “German” Chocolate. But I made it in my kitchen. From scratch.

Give him Apple Pie. Nothing more American than Apple Pie.

On a family trip to The Vatican, my son got to meet the Pope. The picture we brought home made it seem like the Pope wasn’t happy to meet him. Should I be worried?

Too on the nose. Bye!

I’ll be back with more parenting tips soon! Until then, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and please have me on your shows again. Look at how much attention that Anderson Cooper eye roll got. Please!

Steph Garcia