2017 Politicians Rule! America Drools!

Summer is here and just a little over 100 days into his presidency, 45 has a wicked case of senioritis!! Dude is running around the globe like he only has a few days left. But before he leaves, the dude has a bunch of yearbooks to sign. He already left a note for the new friends he made at Yad Vashem while on his senior trip.

And The Hot Goss has got the skinny on what he’s saying in all of his friends’ yearbooks:

2017 Politicians Rule!! America Drools!!

Jim Comey

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a year!!!!! I owe you EVERYTHING!!! Sorry, I fired you, but you know I gots to protect myself. Thanks for all those e-mails. LOL. People are so dumb cuz there wasn’t anything in them. Dumb, dumb America. Good luck out there. Creme brulee forever!

Paul Ryan

Oh man, what a CAYRAZY year! Remember when you were all “I don’t like him, he stinks, he can’t be prez” ????? And now we are BFF’S FOR LYFE. You are so cool. Have a great summer, keep working that tight bod!!! REPUBLICANS 4 EVA

Mike Flynn

MIKEY!!!! You. Are. A. Badass. Don’t give into the Man, ever. Even if the Man is me. LOLOLOL! Pleaing the fifth is the coolest, I’m gonna try it soon. Lock Her Up! AMIRITE?

Vladimir Putin

Vlad! I’m so glad that you helped me become prez. It’s been so cool. I touched that ORB!! I don’t even get what that thing is man. Crazy times. Thanks for keeping my pee videos secret – I’ll never forget you. I love Mother Russia! But not as much as I love you! – Donny

Kim Jung Un

YOU ARE SO CRAZY!! I love what you are doing. Everybody listens to you and I am soooooooo jealz about it!! Maybe I will start poisoning people too! HAHAHAHAHA (but no, I think I am going to try it) Hope you have a kick ass summer – please bomb us after I am kicked out of office. Bros 4 Lyfe!!!! K.I.T.!!

Bernie Sanders

BERN!!!! We have so much in common – we are both old white, crazy dudes, that love yelling at America. Too bad we never got together, I think it would have been cool. Good luck in 2018 – Stay crazy. LYLAS

Rodrigo Duterte

You’re so good at killing people!! Never change!! Don’t forget what I said – we are hiding nukes near North Korea. Don’t tell them – Stay Sweet!!!

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka, I love you so much. I wish you weren’t my daughter… you know. But oh well, you are. Have a fun summer – wear that bikini I bought you. XOXO Daddy

Hillary Clinton

Hillz – what can I say. You were totes right. Being prez is really hard. You are like my more popular sister, please come to Mar A Lago for some chocolate cake. I’m sorry I called you a “nasty woman” HAHAHAHA JKJKJKJK – you stink so bad. I am way more popular than you. REPUBLICANS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary to Donald

Rebecca Edwards