Where is Rebecca?

Rebecca Edwards, a normal, thirty-something woman (not giving her exact age out of respect. But she does look way younger than she is. Which, good for her, am I right?).

A feminist, busy with work, dirty clothes all over her room, loved her friends and gin. Unfortunately, Rebecca has recently been taken hostage, by cable news. Always someone who liked to stay up on all current events, but since the new president came into office, Rebecca dove in. Too far.



Friends and family have been sick with worry. “Sure, she was into the election, who wasn’t. And I wouldn’t say that she took Hillary’s loss hard, but yeah, it changed her” said her friend and co-worker Lindsey Barrow.

Devastated by the election result, in March Rebecca began a new job. A job that gave her access to CNN and MSNBC for up to three hours a day. She began to flip between channels religiously. She even got to the point where she was seriously considering purchasing the items advertised on those channels. “I tried telling her that she didn’t need a catheter. But she was convinced. Those commercials are on all day long.” friend and confidante, Steph Garcia, told The Hot Goss.


In truth, Rebecca is hiding in plain sight. She’s still going to work, showering every other day (ehhh…) and avoiding cleaning out her car. But, is she really there? She’s going through the motions.

Happier times.

Rebecca has been consumed by the news. From downloading the CNN app, to stooping as low as to go home early from social obligations so she can watch Rachel Maddow clips on MSNBC.com.

“There we were, having drinks in one of our usual spots and she just said ‘I have to go home. I have to watch the news.’ Honestly, it was scary. I am really scared for her.” said friend and fellow news addict Celia Finkelstein.

When she isn’t watching the news, she is listening to podcasts. She recently found out about the New York Times podcast, The Daily. She just began listening and watching the same stories over and over again. So then, to relax, Rebecca began listening to any and all of the true crime podcasts that she could get.

Rebecca hit bottom when she rejoined Twitter.


Cable news is sneaky. Yes, it’s a good idea to stay informed. But when is too much information too much? How do you unplug and enjoy your life again and possibly begin to put your clothes away?

No one has these answers.

Family and Friends fear the worst with the Jim Comey hearing happening this week.

“We could lose her for good. She might lose control. The only hope that I have, is that she has to work during most of the hearing, and hopefully she will be too busy to watch. But like any other cult member or addict, she will find away. She will find away.” her sister Katie O’Connell said, clearly devastated from the path her much, much younger sister has chosen.

Rebecca’s family asks that instead of sending your thoughts and prayers, that if you see Rebecca, please take her out for a drink and let her vent. Also, maybe do her laundry for her and clean out her car. K, thnx.

Rebecca Edwards