Naw. Dude.


Thursdays @ The Hot Goss are for posting about sexist stuff dudes are doing out in the world. Naw. Dude. is the first thing you want to say to some dude that’s saying a bunch of shit that doesn’t make any goddamned sense.

There is a lot of stuff we wish Dudes hadn’t done in the past few days. Sexual harassment we’ve seen the Day 1 posts, men telling women to stop crying and “just smile”, allies dismissing our feelings and saying that it “will be alright”. And that’s just been in one day since Voldemort won.

But I’d like to go on record and say Naw. Dudette. right now, to the white women who voted for Trump. I don’t understand why you’ve so deeply internalized this country’s misogyny. Why you hate your own rights. Why the mothers that voted for Trump think it’s ok for a man who is accused of sexual assault several times over to be in charge of the next supreme court decision. I don’t understand why you did that. But I’m going to. Because we’re going to talk when I see you. Oh. We’re GOING to talk.

Lindsey Barrow