Oh Shit, Your Parents Were Right.

They were right all along….

As the second week of Trump’s presidency begins, our biggest fears are coming true – Your parents were right. As soon as Trump put his, very odd, signature on the Executive Order banning people from entering the country – your parents won. All those years of them begging and pleading with you.

“Be a lawyer!” they said. Constantly. But, no, no, no….


You just had to be a teacher.

You, a lawyer, heavens no! You were meant to be a teacher, molding and shaping the minds for our future. Here’s the thing about that – Donald Trump’s teachers felt that way.

Now as you teach a classroom, that had too many kids and not enough desks, you struggle to remember why you wanted to teach. Had you become a lawyer you could be working with organizations, whose focus is bringing education to girls in other countries.

Instead, Betsy DeVos is about to become your new boss.

You just had to be a writer.

That’s what we all said to our parents. The world of art and theatre would be the only way that you could do any good in the world. “Look at the play, Waiting for Lefty! That meant something” you would scream to your parents before you slammed your bedroom door. Lawyers are greedy and selfish, we were all about sharing our gifts to the world.

No matter how many time you tweak your log-line,  meet up with your writers group, punch up your writer’s packet for Samantha Bee (hey, girl.) or write a blog post, it’s not going to help get refugees into the country.

So, are we all going back to school?

Ummmmmm, yeah, I am not going back to school. 

So we protest. You go to your local airport and you are surrounded by like-minded people. But the only ones who are truly getting shit done, are the lawyers.

The ones that listened to their parents…

They are working there so hard to make sure that the judicial system works for everyone. That the law is obeyed. They are saving lives, very literally, while sitting on the floor of baggage claim. They don’t even have signs, because they have something more powerful – knowledge of the law. But here’s how you can help them, help others.

  1. Food! People love food! Even lawyers!! Make a bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and take them to the airport. Bring water. If you really want to be a hero, bring pizza. We need to keep those lawyers at their peak.
  2. Donate. I know you have heard it before, but yeah they need money. If you can, make a donation to the ACLU.
  3. Since you’re not a lawyer, you’re broke. I get it. Volunteer. Give your time to organizations who know how to best help those in need.
  4. Protest. It may not feel like much, but it helps.

Rebecca Edwards