Take a Mental Vacation with 15 Random Thoughts About U.K. Actors

It’s important to take periodic breaks from the relentless stream of asshattery┬áthat defines the USA in 2017 and remember that there are objectively enjoyable things in the world. There’s french fries, for one. There’s baby animals if food isn’t your thing. Everyone can have their own piece of mental calm, you just have to know where to find it.

Mental Calm = The Soothing Sound of The Trap-Bath Split

Me? My happy place lives inside the consistency with which our friends in the U.K. birth talented actors that are intensely relatable. Sure, they’re like actors anywhere else in that they eat (mindfully), sleep (too little, probably), and must embody the lived experience of another entity as a part of their occupational requirements. They also just seem so fucking… accessible. Like, looking at them, these are people you might know through friends of friends or meet one time at a loft party, which is notable because it’s the one time in a year you’d go to a loft party. I love them because it feels like it would be the only time in a year that THEY’D go to a loft party, too.

Today, I took to not-quite-sure-what-it-is-but-I-like-it-and-don’t-get-rape-threats-so-thats-fun social media app Whisper to manifest my mental vaycay.



Lexi Notabartolo