Trump’s 100 Days

Hey all! It’s me, KellyAnne Conway, your friendly White House advisor, with a little something different for my parenting column this time around. The President is nearing his 100 days and wouldn’t it be fun to see what the kiddos were thinking would be good branding to celebrate? Not “rebranding,” just…Well, we’ve already asked a lot of people in the White House for ideas and haven’t gotten much so why not ask random kids? Sometimes kids say the darndest things and sometimes so does the President. It could work, ya know?

Anyway, onto the adorable.

100 days! That’s like a whole year! – Ben, age 5

Ok Ben, this isn’t going to work. We can’t make it seem like he has had more time than what he’s had. I know it might feel that way but c’mon. Think!

100 is 5 times 20. – Abigail, age 6

Are you trying to look smarter than the President? Bad strategy Abby.

The two zeros could be eyes and then you put a line underneath. It makes a smiley face. – Zoe, age 5

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere. People like smiley faces! Can’t argue with a smiley face. And smiley faces read “happy” which is what everyone *should* be feeling. Suggestive marketing. Good job Zoe.

My mom says no one wants to interview you anymore. – Cara, age 4

Smiley face it is.


Photo Cred: Lindsey Barrow

Branded! Thanks everyone!

Satire obvs.

Steph Garcia