Hug Your Loved Ones

Yesterday (and really the whole week) I couldn’t log into, turn on, or listen to anything without a full barrage on my senses. I’m sure you feel that way too. Maybe it’s a matter of being too plugged in or just a matter of how technology has permeated everything all the time but sometimes completely unplugging isn’t an option. So, for those times, I recommend you give a hug.

Receiving a hug is great too but giving a hug has its own beneficial reciprocal properties. As always, remember that the other party must consent to receive the hug – an unwelcome hug is an invasion and no good to anyone. I know there are some people who think it’s ok to touch whoever, wherever if you’re a celebrity but even if you’re a celebrity, the hug needs consent.

Once you got consent, here are some good hugs to give out.

A Bear Hug


One of my personal faves, this hug is best with a child or smaller adult who really wants to nuzzle in and feel safe. Go ahead and wear a fuzzy jacket while you do it to really feel the full bear of it all. It’ll make life a little more bearable. Like you’re bear-ly there. (Ok. I’m done.)

The Handshake into Hug


Loved by athletes around the globe, this hug starts with a handshake but goes in for the whole shebang. This one can be a tough one to decipher since some people just want a handshake. If you mistake the signal, bow out apologetically and find someone else to hug. Don’t have this happen. Also, this hug is not just for athletes. Are you an out-of-shape couch potato? You can still give this hug!

The Big Squeeze


This is where you hug on tight and don’t let go until you know you’re both in a better place. Works on humans and pets. Also works with multiple participants.


Look, like this article says: “Hugs and other forms of nonsexual physical soothing, like hand-holding and head stroking, intervene at the physical level to help the brain and the body calm down from overwhelming states of anxiety, panic and shame.” And I think overwhelming pretty much sums up my current state, and the state of many others I know.

So give a hug. Know that the 24 hour news cycle will be there when you’re done. It will always be there. But for now, get that release.

(I also secretly hope you feel better just by seeing these hug gifs. If you don’t, here’s an extra one for good measure:)



Steph Garcia