Email Snafus

If you have an office job, administrative job, or government job, you know how those email snafus can trip you up! Here are some helpful tips to make sure you recover with your reputation in tact.

You didn’t BCC your mass company email. 

Ugh. You know someone’s going to reply all and inundate everyone’s inboxes. And you know it’s gonna be Shauna. She always wants to include everyone on everything. Here’s what you do: Don’t meet with Russian operatives regarding the campaign for the presidency. Snap! All good!

You replied all with personal gossip about your boss.

Welp. Now everyone knows your boss takes a massive, smelly shit everyday at 1pm in the bathroom nearest your desk. Whoops! Don’t worry. All you have to do is not meet with Russians who say they have sensitive intel regarding the campaign. And your boss will probably move bathrooms!

You sent a bitchy email about a co-worker to THAT co-worker.

You’ve been talking behind Shauna’s back every since she was hired but she had no clue! You’ve got that super smile down. She still doesn’t get how annoying it is to be asked how to format an Excel doc every day. It’s cool. Head over to Shauna’s desk, apologize in person, and don’t meet with a Russian lawyer who has ties to their government during a presidential campaign that you’re involved in. You could also suggest she take an Excel course online.

You met with a Russian lawyer during your dad’s campaign.

Plead ignorance.

Steph Garcia