Drunk Ass Facts

  • Dateline:┬áSunday, November 20, 2016. 11AM.

You’re at brunch, trying to decide which adult beverage best suits your Kanye sads. You’re overcome with the number of morning booze options, freeze, and end up ordering a… decaf coffee and water. Decaf. With water.

We at The Hot Goss say “NAW” to this un-sauced version of your Sunday mid-morning. Consider the following when parusing that menu:

  • Wine – 95% of all Napa Valley wineries are family owned. Fun!
  • Beer – Colored bottles help prevent UV light from reacting with hops, which creates a chemical compound almost identical to a skunk’s spray. Neat!
  • Booze – In the 1950s, “Bloody Mary” was thought to be too scandalous and the most perfect brunch beverage ever was temporarily┬árenamed “Red Snapper.” YAS!

Now that you know a thing about a thing, go forth and drink with confidence.

Lexi Notabartolo