Budget Cuts On New Jumanji Movie Force Production to Minimize Wardrobe

The new Jumanji movie, billed as a continuation of the original film and not a reboot, recently faced terrible production woes. The already big budget film has gone overboard with location and intensive stunt costs. Director Jake Kasdan attempted to trim the spending on various areas of production but realized filming could only continue if they trimmed one specific area: Karen Gillan’s wardrobe.

Gillan, most known as a Doctor Who companion and the lead of the cancelled-way-too-early ABC comedy Selfie, took the hit in stride. “Honestly, I was surprised when I first got to set and was outfitted in a full, long sleeve T-shirt and pants. Not capris. Pants!” Gillan said. “I thought to myself, they can’t possibly afford this. They have THREE male leads.”

Unfortunately, Gillan was right. The characters that Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black all portray would need to protect themselves against the perils of the jungle in order to stay true to the script. Gillan’s character Martha, or Ruby Roundhouse (whichever sounds hotter at the time of print), could afford to deal with the pests of the jungle.

In an effort to allow Gillan to keep half of her shirt, Hart offered up to lose half of his pants. “I was in Scary Movie 3 and 4. I think I can handle some prickly grass against my ankles.”

We’ll have to wait until the movie release to see how wearing shorts will affect Hart’s performance.

Jumanji is set for release July 28, 2017.

Satire by Steph Garcia