Those Twitter Allegations

There’s been a lot of controversy over tweets released over past few days with outlandish and unverified claims. It can be difficult to keep track of. So I wanted to take a moment and address some of the statements tweeted out recently.

On March 16th, Tyra Banks tweeted:

Now, some people may say this is FAKE NEWS spread by current host and supposed British ally Rita Ora in order to increase Britain-American tensions following a ban on the American President speaking to Parliament.

However, Tyra followed up with a claim of:

Let’s be clear. Tyra didn’t mean “Business Boss Brand” in the literal sense. I put them in quotation marks to exemplify that. She meant all “B” words that sound “Brilliant and Badass” in the “Broad” sense.

And even though she mentioned Rita by name, she didn’t really mean Rita. She meant the panel et al. You can’t take Tyra’s tweets to mean exactly what she writes. They’re open to interpretation.

Also, given that the panel is made of four judges, one may not exemplify any of those B’s. Probably Ashley, but I cannot lay claim to any one panelist. The panel has yet to make a statement towards this matter.

Then the bombshell. In response to the above Tyra Banks tweet:

Proof that Britain born Ora was surveilling American Banks, looking for ways to undermine her administration. But Banks, herself, has also been known to advance her own agenda, disregarding any consideration towards the current administration:

That’s right. That is RUNNER-UP Tatiana talking to the past ANTM host and executive producer AFTER judging. Why isn’t anyone investigating this? Does this speak to collusion? Has Miss J also spoken to Tatiana? We need to know what was said. Neither camp has agreed to release the transcript of that conversation.

Obviously, though, there is definitely some turmoil from the inside as the latest ANTM winner India has publicly chosen sides:

But throughout her campaign, India spoke candidly about her private persona that the judges didn’t see. Who’s to say if the public displays of loyalty match her private opinions?

The outrage from prior contestants was inevitable:

The world will for sure be watching how this all plays out.

Or, maybe, it’ll just be me.

(Thanks for coming back Tyra!)

Steph Garcia