• Political Morning Routines!

    Politicians! They’re just like us! They wake up in the morning and do a lot of therapeutic screaming. Wait what do you mean that isn’t what you guys do??

    Directed by: Meghan O’Brien
    Written by: Lindsey Barrow
    Produced by: Lauren Bancroft
    DP: Meghan O’Brien
    Sound: Doug Mackay
    Editor: Eric Reichert

    Elizabeth Warren – Lindsey Barrow
    Bernie Sanders – Steph Garcia
    Paul Ryan – Maggie Mae Fish
    Kamala Harris – Joanna Jones
    Kellyanne Conway – Amy Albert
    Betsy DeVos – Rebecca Edwards
    Dick DeVos – Josh Callahan
    Hillary Clinton – Tara Copeland

  • The Hot Goss EXCLUSIVE With Jared Kushner

    The Hot Goss News got an EXCLUSIVE interview with Jared Kushner! It’s definitely Jared Kushner and he is definitely very candid. Check out what the really real Jared Kushner had to say.


  • ICYMI: Everything is Soooo Easy

    This week we learned that everything is super easy when you’re a Republican.

    1. Taking down Sally Yates is super easy. Just watch Ted “The Weird Lip Gunk” Cruz take her down!
    2. Letting the T.A.S.S. in your office is super easy if you’re President Twoscoops
    3. Making jokes is easy. Duh. Follow @MikeYuckabee on twitter (I FOLLOW BACK)
    4. Lying is easy. Lying is very very easy. The right does it alllll the time.

    Oh yeah – and don’t forget to get your mom something for Mother’s Day.

    Hear us talk about all this on ICYMI: Late Night –

  • ICYMI: We Did it Live!

    This week we had a case of the Monday’s.  We time traveled. We bought the best ties for our fave Republican / Authoritarian Representatives. We redid Ivanka’s podcast deck.

    And we discussed it all live on our new weekly segment – ICYMI Live!  We talk about our articles and any other shitty shit shit that happened this week.

    Something not shitty shit shit? That’s My Story Period got nominated for a podcast award from WhoHaHa! Go vote for us now!  You don’t have to even register or anything!

  • New Hot Goss Video – Feminist Investigation!

    In our newest video, Rebecca does a pagination on graciousness in men.


    Written by and starring: Rebecca Edwards
    Directed by: Steph Garcia
    Edited by: Eric Reichert
    Featuring: Nick Cobb, Eric Reichert, Chris Pecchenino, Marco Beltran, Danny Cymbal, Dennis Curlett

  • My So-Called Judges – Our Newest Sketch!

    Hang with your favorite Supreme Court Justices, RBG, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan when they invite Kamala Harris to their Google Hangout.


    Starring Lindsey Barrow, Rebecca Edwards, Steph Garcia, and Joanna Jones
    Written by Steph Garcia
    Directed by Rebecca Edwards
    Produced by Lauren Bancroft
    DP Nicole Villela
    Sound and Editing by Eric Reichert
    PA Sara Ghaleb
  • A New Sketch!

    Find out who you really are with DNA. If you’re racist, you may not like your results.


    Starring Lindsey Barrow, Brandon Econ, Lexi Notabartolo, Steph Garcia, and Rebecca Edwards
    Co-written by Lindsey Barrow and Steph Garcia
    Directed by Rebecca Edwards
    Edited by Desireé Nash
    Director of Photography – Lexi Notabartolo
  • Internal Stereologue: Holiday Edition

    From the holiday files of “We’ve all been there,” The Hot Goss presents a fresh sketch about what’s under the surface at all those winter gatherings.

    This video has BONUS cameo appearances from Hot Goss contributors Jaylene Chung and Nadia Osman!

    Performances by Lindsey Barrow, Jaylene Chung, Brandon Econ, Rebecca Edwards, Steph Garcia, Lexi Notabartolo, Nadia Osman, Nelinda Palomino, Chris Pecchenino, Jordan Pridgen, Andrew Shannon.

    Written and Directed by Lexi Notabartolo
    Director of Photography: Christopher Lord

    Christmas Rap Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  • Peep your Eyes on this New Thanksgiving Sketch!

    The hardest part of planning Thanksgiving is the guest list. Rebecca Edwards wrote and stars in this new Hot Goss sketch, No Thanks, directed and edited by Lexi Notabartolo.

  • BabeRaham Lincoln (our first sketch…winky face)

    The Hot Goss presents our first sketch! It’s slut shaming as seen through the eyes of a dead President. Written by Steph Garcia, DP’d by Jeremy Gerke, Edited by Desireé Nash, Sound by Rebecca Edwards and starring Lindsey Barrow and Steph Garcia.