And on January 1, 2017 a Hollywood Sign Miracle was Born

This morning, I awoke to a New Year's Day miracle. Lo, a sign had come from the heavens to let us know 2016 is dead and all would be well. A Hollywood sign

This morning, I awoke to a New Year’s Day miracle. Lo, a sign had come from the heavens to let us know 2016 is dead and all would be well. A Hollywood sign. Or should I say, a Hollyweed sign.  Yes, someone has vandalized the iconic Hollywood sign to now read Hollyweed. Oh, rejoice. What a miracle this is.

And because 2016 was such a bull-shit year, let’s start of with something fun and light-hearted. Well, maybe not exactly light-hearted. Let’s start off this fresh new start with some fun facts about the Hollywood sign. I mean, come on, you need something to talk about at brunch besides how you’ve already failed your resolution when you ordered a hot ham and cheese. And you SWORE you were giving up hot hams for 2017 after Trump was elected, .

Hollywood Sign Fact Time
  1. First of all, the sign read Hollywoodland and used to light up! Second, and more importantly, the sign was an ad for a new segregated community above the Hollywood Hills. I told you these facts weren’t exactly light-hearted. A racist development community right here in California. Don’t feel so elite now, do we liberal west coast?
  2. In 1932, Peg Entwistle, climbed the ladder at the top of the “H” and jumped off. Falling to her death as a monument to the rejection she’d felt while trying to “make it” in Hollywood. And supposedly, the day after her death, she’d received a letter from a the Beverly Hills Playhouse, casting her as a lead in a play about a woman who commits suicide.  Supposedly, she haunts the sign. As people have reported seeing a women “dressed in 1930’s clothing” walking the path near the sign and disappearing before their eyes. Maybe the next fact will be light-hearted? I’ll try.
  3. The sign has gone through several restorations and changes. Ugh, who hasn’t had work done in Hollywood? AM I RIGHT???  Because the Hollywood sign has become an icon of this crazy town and people have forgotten about her sordid past, she has had a bit of a makeover. Nine donors gave $27,777.77 to each of the nine letters. This list of generous donors include such famous’s as Gene Autry for the second “L”, Hugh Hefner for the “Y”, Andy Williams for the “W”, and Alice Cooper for the second “O”. Showing that a lot of famous white guys don’t like it when something get’s old.

Ok! That’s been my time. Tip your brunch barista’s and all that jazz. And I hope your 2017 starts off better than Peg Entwistle’s!  Thanks to some punk kids, mine certainly has.


Lindsey Barrow